They’ll look as good as they taste

Are your burgers sticking to the grill? Breaking apart when you flip them? We’re here to help.

Lean meats are more likely to stick to the grill, so when you grill turkey burger patties it’s especially important to make your grill non-stick. It only takes a minute! Here are a few tried-and-true tricks to keep your turkey burgers from sticking to the grill.

OPTION 1: Apply a non-stick cooking spray to the grill grates

Do this BEFORE turning on your grill. Spraying an already-lit grill causes flame surges.


OPTION 2: Make your grill non-stick naturally

Simply cut an onion in half and rub the cut side on the heated grill grate. Be careful, the grill will be hot. (BONUS: If you prefer all-natural* cooking, you’ll love our All-Natural Turkey Burgers.)


OPTION 3: Season the grill grates with oil

Use paper towel and tongs. You want the paper towel saturated, but not dripping, with oil. Be careful, if oil drips on the hot grill it can flame up. Use the tongs to drag the paper towel over the grill grates.

BONUS TIP: Don’t flip the turkey burgers too early

A good sear will prevent sticking.

Voilà! Any one of these tips should do the trick and keep your turkey burgers from sticking to the grill. Try one tonight with any of these 50 turkey burger recipes to get you started. And find more tips on how to grill a turkey burger here.

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